Focus on 5

How to get where God wants you to be.


Keep the conversation with Jesus going.
And growing.
Get closer to God
by regularly studying His teachings.

Want to know how to relate to your spouse?
Want to succeed at your job?
Forgive an offense?
It’s all here.

 Share God’s love. 
Sometimes you’re given 
the perfect opening to invite someone to church. 
Other times, 
you need to find common ground 
and cultivate it before you extend the invitation. 
Do what ever it take to “open the door” for others.

Cultivate friendships that define “meaningful.” 
Develop reciprocal relationships
with people who will encourage you
to become the person 
God meant you to be. 
People who expect you’ll do
the same for them.

Help someone. It’s that simple.
Serve at the homeless shelter, 
help in the nursery,
make coffee – your choice. 
Make a habit of serving others. 
You’ll be surprised 
by the good it does you.

What’s your next right thing? 
Maybe joining a life group. 
Dating your mate. 
Giving up the remote. 
Making a long overdue apology. 
Question is, who are you when nobody’s looking –
and who do you want to be?