Loyd and Candy Jackson

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Our Mission

“We see change in the lives of Jamaicans because God’s grace and unconditional love is shared with them in a way that can be fully understood”

In 2003, Loyd and Candy became missionaries with Won By One To Jamaica after 20 years in student ministry. They serve in the remote mountain valley of Harmons  Jamaica.   A community of approximately 2500 people, very few of them have employment, there is no water, many have no electricity, no telephone lines, and expensive education.   Most churches, regardless of denomination, are extremely legalistic. Our ministry is one of grace and unconditional love.  We employ 70-80 Jamaicans for 22 weeks during the year and about a dozen of those are full-time, year round.  We build 50 concrete houses each year for the poorest of the poor. We have over 230 students being sponsored for school, and we have a church plant called Grace Community Fellowship. Our ministry hosts 700-800 American volunteers each year, providing a life changing experience for them as they come to help change the lives of Jamaicans. Won By One To Jamaica has a vision to make a big impact in a small place, rather than a small impact in a big place.  We are 100% focused on this small people group of Harmons Valley.

For more information goto www.wonbyonetojamaica.com